Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stage Mom

I have heard a few times that Ben could/should be a model. He LOVES the camera and the reason so many of his pictures are smiling ones is because he starts smiling on cue when he sees the red light for the flash come on! I mentioned this to my mom and she gave me an ad from the newspaper advertising for screen tests to be done on babies and children for a talent agency in Toronto. (I looked into the agency, not only are they legitimate but quite big- they do the casting for many movies filmed in Toronto). I thought this could be a fun experience. I didn't really know what to expect but Ben seemed in a good mood that evening so we went for it. I was amazed at the stereotypes that we encountered. There were parents there who were true stage parents- coaching thier children with a kind of desperation that cannot be healthy! I really didn't care either way if Ben got accepted or not however I did talk to the agency owner while people where coming in and found out he is specifically looking for children under 14 months. Ben was grinning at him the whole time. After the owner talked a little while about the industry he conducted screen tests. The older children had memorized commerial lines " All the screen test consisted of for Ben was we stood on the "mark" (industry talk for a big X on the floor in front of a camera) and I said his name, age, hair and eye colour and reason for wanting to break into the biz. He clapped his hands really loudly and talked loudly, I am guessing to see if he startled and cried easily (he did not). They will call on Tuesday to tell me if Ben was what they were looking for. I was glad we went for the experiance but I'm not sure it's really the people or environment I want Ben in!

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