Saturday, March 22, 2008


Ben is a foody.He laughs hysterically and wiggles exitedly whenever I put him in his high chair now He will eat EVERYTHING! He will keep eating avacodo even though he is visably hating every bite. The problem we are having now however is that he will keep eating indefinatly. I gave him a couple cubes (I freeze the food I make in ice cube trays so they are in cubes) of apple and pear and he continued to keep his mouth open for more. I gave him another after another until he finally seemed satisfied. He took one look at me, grinned and threw it all up. Now I limit his meals to cereal and 2 cubes only! I also bought him this mesh eating tool I can put whole peices of fruit in it and he will chew on it to get the fruit out, but obviously it has to be squeezed through the mesh first so he can't choke. This tool has bought me a lot of time to get things done that I have put off for six months. This is the first thing so far that will keep him occupied for more then a few minutes!

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