Saturday, February 2, 2008

What About J & J ?

I realize this blog has turned into mostly a tribute to "B" and not so much about J & J as the title falsly claims. This blog entry will be entirly devoted to us and I won't mention the "B" word once...well I will try anyway!

Jon unloaded a 65 boxes of lamanant flooring into our garage today. We are ripping up the carpets to see if that will help with "the name we are not mentioning's" asthma. I was very encouraging about this project when we saw the sale at Home Depot. I told Jon that really dumb people install flooring all the time and so it would be no problem for someone as smart and resourcful as him to do our entire house...(1200 of our 2000 square feet...) in what?... a few hours?...a weekend? Now that I see this HUGE pile in the garage I am beggining to wonder about how realistic this is. The new compromise is that J will try in "you know who's" bedroom first and if he really feels like it is too much can return it. I also know the odds are on my side since he really won't want to lug 65 boxes back to the store.

I have accepted a new part time child into my daycare. From Monday to Wednesday then I will have 4 children under the age of 2. I am waiting for someone to take power of attorney and commit me. Clearly I have lost my mind... maybe I can room in with Britney...

I have also lost 15 Ibs this month by following my new very conservitive diet (as a result of you know who) It seems I couldn't do it for me but I can do it for him. Now I only look like I am 5 months prenant, my butt doesn't look pregnant at all anymore and my jumbo jeans are falling off. Great! Just 2 more months then and I should be back to pre preg form for the spring:)

....Okay now back to Ben :)

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Pam said...

OK, 3rd blogger id created and wrote this one down.
I finally got the link back to the blog after a month without.
Ben sure is going to have a lot of catching up to do .... oh, for this to have been available in ' my ' time.
What a wonderful job you two are doing

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