Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mommy's Boy

I love having such a cuddly baby. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, like today when I had to make an entire apple crisp with one hand (fortunatly I have an apple peeler that can be operated with one hand only or it may not have happened)! There are some days when Ben's bum does not touch a surface for more then a few moments since that is as long as it takes for him to screw up his little faced and wail to be back in Mommy's arms. Today I really let him have his way and even joined him for a our bed (creating bad habits?!). I am trying to savour these moments when my little boy is completly happy just by being in my arms. Who cares if baking doesn't happen, laundry lays wrinkling in baskets on the couch and dinner isn't on the table until after he's in bed? I won't remember those things but I will always remember Ben's sweet smile he flashes me right before drifting off to sleep, in my arms of course.

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