Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Ben

Ben is 6 months old today!

We celebrated this half milestone with a half a cake... Balloons... and his first real food experiance, in his birthday suit of course! We gave him sweet potatoes to try today. I have been making him fresh organic baby food and freezing it for awhile now and would have been sad if he spit it back in my face. He LOVED it however and ate it all. He also managed to grab a hunk of birthday cake and got a little in his mouth before I could grab his hand (if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see the cake in his hand...he doesn't look too impressed with me when I took it away)! I can't honestly call this his FIRST food though. His first was a chocolate he licked at christmas time. I thought he was just bent over looking at something when I realized he had been licking a chocolate in a box on the counter. He also had a few licks of my pure juice mango popcicle the other day and I let him suck on my apple yesturday... I think that was just accidental practice though and I don't plan on giving him chocolate, popciscles and whole apples for real any time soon.
I am really looking forward to his first year birthday party. He has grown up so much in this short time I can't wait to see who he becomes in the next half of the year!!!

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