Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Floors

Ben had allergy testing done last is the verdict-
Eggs, rice (rice! I know) dairy, rye, spelt, oats, citrus, berries, and dust mites among others.

Jon spent yesturday then taking the dust catching carpet out of Ben's room. We have enough flooring for the whole house so fortunatly yesturdays attempt went well. It also became obvious that doing ANYTHING with a 6 month old is virtually impossible. So our little almost crawling baby got to spend a significant amount of yesturday afternoon (of course he wouldn't nap yesturday!) in a laundry basket with toys. With the daycare of course I have at least 4 extra playpens kicking around but Ben kept toppling over in it so the laundry basket helped keep him upright...

I am thrilled with how his room turned out but next weekend for the mater bedroom and hallway a babysitter may be in his future!

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