Sunday, September 5, 2010

Perpective Shift

A struggle for me, in Motherhood was the shifting of my internal alarm clock. Going to bed before midnight is always a challenge for me as is waking every hour after with a little bundle of hunger pains.

Recently during one of our 5 am rockings, while I struggled to keep my lids open and wondered why babies don't come with more adult sleep habits, it dawned on me as suddenly as the day did; this time is a gift! This precious infancy goes so quickly, we are given, should we chose to take it, extra time. That time one will, most certainly wish they had more of later.

Instead of concentrating then on a heavy head and sore eyes I focused on a downy bald head tickling my chin as it bobbed down to rest on my chest, that spot that fits him just perfectly so. The sweet scent of sour milk wafts up from under his full cheeks. I see it now, these extra stolen moments.

Not to be complained about, resented, counted and cursed. They are to be treasured.

Like a favorite poem says;

There will be plenty of time for sleep,
It's these babies that don't keep.

Before I am ready too, I will find myself peeking in on a boy.

The boy with long feet and gangly arms who snores softly and stirs slightly as he senses me near. He will sleep until morning now and I will be grateful for the memories of his weight in my arms still close to memories touch.

Tonight, little Jacob, who still needs his Mommy's touch to be comforted back to sleep and who surely will sleep through one of these nights, I will savor our 2 am rendezvous and ignore my tired eyes  as your head bobs and collapses in comfort against my heart. I will recognize those moments as they gift they are.

Because, these babies don't keep.

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