Monday, September 13, 2010


Ben has an interesting interest in owls. Half the time he is terrified of them, half the time he is obssesed with them. He knows the names of most owls, compliments of a book he found and Grandma's house and they are the subject of most of his nightmares.
When I asked him what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween he answered with an obvious
"An owl!" of course.

Later when I said we could go to the store to find some things to make an owl costume he said
"I don't like owls! They have scary eyes!"

So I am not really sure where we are going with this.

He still reads that owl book ten times a day though.


Cher said...

I made Ainsley an owl costume one year- I could give you some pointers- you know- if it comes to that.

Kristin said...

Jacob loves owls too! He's been very fascinated with them for over a year now. I think he learned about them in the gruffalo book, but now he has a couple of stuffed owls and a few owl books as well. They're fascinating creatures those owls.

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