Monday, September 20, 2010

8 Months!

1- Jake is crawling EVERYWHERE now. He started propelling himself in a weird inexplicable series of movements when he was almost seven months but I was waiting for him to do the hands and knees thing...which came at seven months. He is showing interest in pulling himself up now so we will see what this month brings!

2- He loves balls, they got him to crawl!

3- He loves FOOD!!! Jake feeds himself diced grapes, banana and loves to eat roasted sweet potato.

4- Jake has a great little sense of humor. He does something he knows is silly and immediately looks to us for a laugh.

5- Jake is so lovable. It is hard to walk by him without picking him up for a squeeze.

6- He signs "milk" and "food" if you ask him a question he will grin and wave his fingers excitedly to say yes.

7- He will cry if you say "no" to him. So we don't...he has the saddest cry ever! It is a series of little heartbreaking sobs. It rarely happens but when it sad.  I recommend when he bites you, just go with it. Your cry won't be as sad.

8- He bites... a lot.

9- He thinks it is hilarious.

10- He thinks "Ouch"! is even more hilarious.

11- my facts are getting out of control!

12- But Grammie asked for more frequent updates.

13- He only wakes up twice a night now.

14- His Mom is really happy about that.

15- He loves to wrestle with Ben. We think it is too rough but he laughs so loudly.

16- He loves to dance. He and Ben may one day have a band...I have never seen children love music so much.

There you go... twice the facts because he is twice as interesting.

....and he is still so stinkin' cute I can barely stand it!

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The Blakeneys said...

The HAT. I love the toque! For real, little dudes in hats is possibly my favourite look. Happy 8 Month-aversary, Jacob!

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