Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday Review

Ben's third birthday arrived with a cold. He cried through our early morning rendition of Happy Birthday and was not interested in opening his present (carrying it around for the morning until the bag was tattered was the next best alternative).

Grandma and Grampa were sweet enough to take us all to a car show and have a BBQ for Ben's birthday...he perked up enough for that and had a new race car quilt Grandma made him to wrap himself up in....or play cars on!

We managed to get  a few smiles dispute his stuffy nose and the container full of especially for Ben rice flour cocoa cupcakes sure helped. Grandma as usual though had a back up plan. In case your very favorite three year old grandson is having a shortage of birthday cheer just give him one of these...

Amazingly he felt better in no time!

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