Monday, November 9, 2009

You've Got Mail

Ben loves to get mail (don't we all?). When we walk down to the post box on our street every other night or so he squeals and runs in anticipation of what may be waiting for him. Jon flipped through the mail on our way home one night and said, "this is all junk mail, here you go Ben". He didn't mean to be cold..."Ben's mail" IS the junk mail (and he is thrilled to tear into it and see which optical eye wear is on sale this week and how many homes sold in our neighbourhood for 98.9$ of asking price)but when I heard it said out loud I thought, how sad... Ben is deserving of more than the junk, especially consider his degree of glee over the little envelopes. Fortunately not long after, Ben developed a secret admirer who began sending him lolly pops and love letters in the mail. Of late he has been getting little cars and packages too. Lucky guy... now he squeals a little louder and runs a little faster to the mailbox.

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