Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Baby Babybell"

We started talking to Ben about his brother from the moment we found out about him. We went against the advice I read saying you should wait until about 2 months before the birth to start talking about new siblings to toddlers because the wait is too long otherwise. To the contrary I have found that Gabriel (or "Baby Babybell") has become as a result of starting the dialogue early, already a fixture in Ben's life. I believe he has over the months begun to really understand what having a baby entails.

This morning we had our longest conversation yet about him. Ben was reading a Christmas book in his bed and fixated on a picture of baby Jesus at the end.
"Baby Babybell come after Santa come?" (his point of reference...)
"Yes, a little while afterwards"
"Babybell wear shoes?"
"Babybell eat freezies?"
"When he is a bit older".
"Babybell watch Little Bear?"
"sure he can..."
"Babybell go on swings?"
"in the summer he can".
"Babybell lub Ben?"

"Oh yes Ben. Baby Gabriel will love you very much."

and cue waterworks...

I cannot express my excitement over watching their relationship grow as brothers. I am thrilled beyond belief for Gabriel because I know Ben is going to be a fabulous big brother; an example and a friend to him. Fortunately Baby Gabriel has passed the swing, freezie and Little Bear test!


Heather said...

Oh, SOOO cute, Jenn!!!

Vee said...

oh be still my heart! That's incredibly sweet :)

Jamiesjourney said...

This is the sweetest post...what a cutie.

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