Saturday, November 28, 2009

A muffin Tin Lunch

Ben is not a picky eater. For a two year old I have nothing to complain about in terms of what he will eat. He will eat a whole avocado, polish off a greens and hemp protein smoothie like it's his last meal and eat bowl after bowl of berries and seeds. Ben likes to eat and is always open to trying something new, even if it results in gagging it up soon after...which was the experience with the raw pepper. But "good try" we say.

The problem is simply getting him to sit down and eat. Ben has far more pressing things to do in his day like build blocks, play with cars and read his books. He always has an internal to do list it seems and sitting at the table to eat is not always priority. If we can coax him there it is often only a bite or two later until he is off and running again. Clearly my meals weren't keeping his interest.

THIS has become the key to keeping meals interesting and lunch is now a highlight of the midday! I don't let him see what I am putting into the little tray until the lunch surprise is unveiled, I can get away with just about anything if I put it in the muffin tin!

Happy lunching!

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