Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ready For Gabriel

At 27 weeks I realize this is premature however I like to be prepared and without pressure when the time comes so...with 13 weeks to spare we are ready (yes I also have all our Christmas shopping done and half the gifts on my list made...but that is another OCD topic all together...).

One of my favorite things about preparing for a new baby (other then clothes shopping...but I suppose the bulging closet pictures are self explanatory on that note) is bedroom decorating. I looked at the bedroom "sets" available at toys R US when we were expecting Ben. They came in 10 000 piece sets with bumper pads, quilts, pillow cases, curtains, crib skirts change pad covers, diaper holders valences and coordinating mobiles. Whew. I couldn't decide on any of these sets, they seemed overwhelming and excessive. I liked the idea of a children's room that carried on the same decor tone as the rest of the home and was a room he could grow into. One vintage firetruck model was all it took for my inspiration to be born. I had so much fun finding co ordinating firefighter pieces to accent his space.

Gramma (bamma as she is better known as) made him a gingham quilt and curtains to complete his room. I thought his hand picked room added a little character. Each aspect was lovingly selected and represented the anticipation of his arrival. Now he has moved into his new room that was part of our renovation this summer and was to be a "big boy room". But he opted to keep his beloved crib. Now we have two matching cribs then that will eventually be two matching toddler beds when "the boys" share this room. Some of my favorite pieces were the matching sheets to the curtains I found at a yard sale, the firetruck sheets compliments of a Bamma Target trip, His "binky" which is the impossibly soft blanket Grammie made. I love his firetruck lamp with the nightlight...the bulletin board that he proudly hangs his art and pictures of favorite people on and his toybox pillows. I love the small framed scrap of wall paper from Jon's childhood bedroom, it to was adorned in vintage firetrucks (although at the time they were not vintage...)Favorite of all is the hand hooked firetruck mat his great Grammie made him- it is perfect.

Mr Beebs also shares this room at the moment. Ben doesn't like him IN the bed with him but is happy to have him sleep in his own bed beside him...yes Mommy made him his own "binky" (he is one of the family now...). We know Ben is awake when he yells "WAKE UP MISTAH BEEBS!"

I am looking forward to the day both boys share this room, I fear though that it will come all too soon!

Gabriel's Baby room, Ben's old room is more gender neutral as it will be for which ever gender comes along next when he and Ben are nicely settled in their room and their is a nursery vacancy. I love the furniture, it is IKEA which I love as much as Jon hates (as I don't put it together...). The change table turns into a regular book shelf and the wardrobe is already full of mini sleepers and hats (January babies need hats...)You may notice my affinity for "Wall Words"- they are everywhere in my home, children's room's no exception. The newest one reads "All Because Too People Fell In Love". Awwww.
*** Newborn clothes, washed and in drawers...check!

Gabriel is going to be working his way through the hand me downs, clothes, toys equipment and furniture wise, true to second child-same gender protocol but I did sneak some new outfits into the closet for him...


The Blakeneys said...

Uhhhh, Jenn...ummm, you are totally putting me to shame with this. You have 13 weeks to go. I could have less than 2 weeks left, and I am not nearly this organized. Oy. Perhaps you could make an impromptu trip to Calgary to help with our Baby#2's nursery??

jjandb said...

lol I would LOVE to!

Don't worry you know they don't need much...not nearly THIS much but I need to keep busy becuase I am SOOOO impatient. I think pregnancies should last no more then 4 weeks. That sounds reasonable...

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