Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Sense an Eviction Notice in the Works

In the last week I have has a significantly more difficult time bending over to pick things up, carry Ben, wash floors, walk...breath...sleep. Oh it must be the third trimester!!!

This means the countdown is on (by the minute!)8 more weeks until my "due month" which is what I have this time considering my last due date came and went with no excitement and plenty of disappointment... this time I know that sometime in January (or dare I be so fortunate...December)we will be welcoming Gabriel to our family. That seems more flexible...in theory.

It was not until I took this picture (which I suppose I could have put in a clean sweatshirt for seeing as I am posting it for the world to see...ah the pitfalls of the second baby...first gets professional photo shoot, second gets dirty sweatshirt photo op on the fly while his brother takes a bath...) that I really saw myself in all my pregnancy glory, no wonder I can't breath!!! I actually was thinking that I didn't feel that big. I retract this statement after seeing this picture. I am not sure if there is much more room in there. My ribcage seconds this statement.

My Midwife asked if I disliked being pregnant when I rolled my eyes at the length of time I had left. I was surprised at this question as I actually LOVE to be pregnant. It is truly miraculous. I am so thrilled to be a part of such an amazing experience. I am however terribly impatient when it comes to delayed gratification. I want what I want when I want it. I want to hold a new baby...yesterday! In this respect then, yes I am ready for this pregnancy to be over. On the other hand I am trying to savor this time as it does go by (in hindsight) so quickly! The little kicks and jabs of a baby who is all mine in this moment are too special to wish away even if those adorable new booties for mini toes are calling his name...

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