Sunday, October 18, 2009


Mistah Beebs has 2 new friends... a bear named "Nez" and a giant elephant named "Eflant". Each morning Ben puts on a show for them after bellowing their wake up "WAKE UP MISTAH BEEBS"! (and mommy and Daddy...) For the next 20-35 minutes I listen from my pillow the morning's entertainment. It is a good chance for me to hear all the songs and nursery rhymes he knows as he will sing words softly with me but prefers to have me sing his favorites to him. This morning I was pleased to hear he knows Head and Shoulders, ring around the rosie, ABC's, Popcorn Popping and Sleeping Bunnies in their entirety. When he completed his performance he could be heard saying " now say Yaaaaa Ben, Eflant"! You have been told.

When I went in and asked him what he would like for breakfast (expecting to get the standard "cereal with milk, toast and apple butter") he said;

"a nice cup of tea". ????? !


Heather said...

lol Jenn, Ben is SO CUTE! Jon told me about the tea this mroning at church- hilarious :) hehe

Hope you're well soon!

Jamiesjourney said...

He is the cutest. He seems like such a smart little boy!

Devry and Chelsey Hymas said...

He is so cute! I love reading the stories and watching the videos you share. So adorable!

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