Thursday, September 11, 2008

Overnight Guests

We had our first overnight guests recently. Justin and Cheryl with their little girl Ruby and Clarke and Jayne with their little girl Ainsley. Justin and Clarke are optometry students who live here during the year to go to school and then go home to visit family (namely grandparents who haven't seen the babies all year) in the summer. They needed to come back this year earlier then they got their apartment so we took in our homeless friends for a couple of nights. We had a really good time with a house full of babies and we were glad to have had our first grown up sleep over!

Ben and Ruby are a couple of days apart and developmentally then very similar and eerily at times looks wise as well. We had them both in their diapers at the water table and both Cheryl and I mistook one for the other...and we are their mothers!

In the pictures of the water table one can see how the drama played out. Both Ben and Ruby are quite sensitive little people and it does not take much for one of them to get their feelings hurt. One picture shows Ruby getting comforted by her mother and then Ben began to cry because Ruby cried...which was the pattern the entire weekend. Ben couldn't stand for Ruby to be unhappy. If Ruby was crying...Ben was wailing.

The weekend flew by, but we will be happy to do it again next year when they move back into town again.

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