Monday, September 29, 2008

Garbage Pickers

Jon is humiliated that I take people's garbage. We have neighbours that throw away anything. So far I have scrounged a baby bathtub, kitchen booster chair, ball popper toy, slide, blocks and a little pool. These things are hardly garbage, in fact they have been barely used. I think she actually washes them before chucking to the curb as the chair smelled like bleach. Anyhow, I don't actually need all these things, I sell them on Kijiji, the online classified website. I have made about $100.00 on her garbage now. I would give her a cut however I am disappointed that she would rather have the garbage truck crunch usable and wanted items then drive them to the local charity or woman's shelter.
Tonight as we came home from the grocery store I was thrilled to see a beautiful wooden toddler bed with built in drawers...sitting by the curb with garbage bags on it. I begged Jon to help me carry it home. He refused. I begged louder and longer while he gave in despite his mortification. It was heavier then we thought but Jon insisted we run home with it. I reassured him that no one saw us as we would have heard them laughing at us if they did. I may or may not keep this item. I wonder what they will leave out for me next week!

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