Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh the Crying!

So Ben is showing us his super powered lungs lately. It has got progressively worse since week two and seems to have peaked by week six. Our super happy baby doesn't let out a peep until 5:59 pm each night when his mouth opens up and and doesn't let up until 9:59 when he promptly shuts it. We try EVERYTHING...we swaddle, sway, walk, rock, bounce, feed, sing, go for drives (he HATES this though...)I have cut out dairy, root vegetables, onions, garlic, tomatoes etc etc from my diet but all these measures do nothing but exhaust us so that by 10 o clock we go to bed with him. The crying itself has also got worse. Now the poor baby gets himself a shade of red I only thought nature created in a beet and catches his breath for so long I think he's never going to breath again, he's inhaled so deeply. Of course the shriek to come after is so sub human I swear his head is going to pop off and spin around on the floor. I find this horrifying nightly ritual heartbreaking and would do ABSOLUTELY anything to make it end... if he could only remember the endless promises I whisper in his ear he would be one happy kid when he's old enough to cash in on the multiple trips to Disney, child size Hummers, cookies and ice cream for breakfast forever... but to no avail. A few nights ago he fell asleep in the car so we thought we would take the opportunity to return something to Zellers. Well the little motion junky exploded the moment the car went to park and I carried him screaming at the top of his lungs into Zellers hoping and praying it would not last... this was not to be (God obviously could not hear my pleas over the wailing...) and Jon and I walked in prepared for the stares we new were directed at the "incompetent parents" signs on our foreheads.

Fast forward to last night (and Ben's first full day dairy free day). J and I thought that the clocks must have stopped when we looked up to see his mouth shutting at 7:30pm ... something must be wrong with him- he must be sick, he still had over 2 hours to go! We looked down at our quiet little boy to see the corners of his eyes turn up in unison with the corners of his lips as they spread slowly into a gaping mouth grin that melted our hearts and made the last six weeks more then worth it!

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