Thursday, October 18, 2007

All Pants should be Elastic Anyway!

Ben was 8 weeks old yesterday... I can't believe that.. I also can't believe I still look 6 months pregnant! I brought Ben with me to my post partum appointment yesterday even though my mother in law was at my house watching the boy I also watch. I brought him because I was afraid someone there would ask me when I am due and I would have to say...uhhh 2 months ago!

I am still wearing maternity clothes which is horrifying but I am not buying gigantic new clothes- they are comfy anyway!

My doctor asked at my appointment how the weight loss was going and I told him I don't know since I don't know what I weighed before Ben was born (I stopped looking around month 7!). He looked up my chart and woo hoo I have lost 40 Ibs buuut I still have 45 to go (that's right your math is correct I gained 85 Ibs...lets not dwell on it!)

Wish me luck in my journey to button up jeans again- and next time I will gain 4 Ibs during my first trimester as recommended not 40!

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