Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Hidden Roll

Ben was stinky... I mean holding my breath when I was feeding him stinky and I could not figure out where it was coming from after what I thought was a thorough bath. All of a sudden Ben arched his back lifting his head back to an awkward angle and allowed me to see an area that had never been exposed before... and exactly what had congealed in there over the last 5 weeks... a roll inside a roll! This hidden crevice in his little roles of chub contained old rotting milk clumps and lint from a month worth of clothes. And the smell- Oh the smell was enough to make you gag... no wonder the poor child has been crying, his mother was letting him rot! Poor baby, now I run a baby wipe through there at every possible chance. Fortunately just as I was thinking that the "incompetent parent" sign on my forehead was growing a friend disclosed that her chunky baby also had some hidden rolls except they had accepted her stench as natural odor (please read my post concerning making too many excuses for your children) and left it at that until puss was oozing down her chin from the infection that left her poor neck raw. Now after applying ointment they have to peel back the neck roll and blow dry it. At least in every parenting screw up you can be safely assured that someone has done something worse!

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