Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camp fire

We invited some friends over for a last minute fire in our backyard last night. The problem was we didn't as of then have a fire pit...I figured I could pick one up before everyone arrived in an hour. Ben and I went to 3 stores with no luck (apparently they were sold out as Canada day weekend is popular for fires...who woulda thought!) I went home with a tired cranky Ben and tried to figure out what to tell my marshmallow, graham cracker and lawn chair toting friends when there is no fire. Out of desperation for a pit I thought of my neighbours a few doors down who have a fire pit that sits unused night after night in their lawn. I wondered if I could be so bold as to introduce myself after a year of living almost beside them and in the same sentence ask for the pit...as it turns out I could!
Ben reached out for "Liz" as soon as she opened the door and I introduced us as she made gaga over him in her arms (as he is pinching her neck skin...for some reason he thinks this is a form of affection). She called "Bob" up and they both agreed they would love to save my evening by loaning me their lovely copper pit.
Our night was full of smores, fireworks, friends and fortunately fire as a result of some nice neighbours to the rescue!

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