Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ben and the Lion Cub

Ben loves anything with cats. This is ironic since both Jon and I actively are not not fans of the feline so this is never something we encouraged. Ben loves pictures of kittens and the part of Dr. Dolittle baby Einstein that he likes the best (we know this because he laughs, points and wiggles around...) is the lion scene. (This is a scene that looks like a discovery channel film, if they let the clip play out a little longer in his movie it would show the lion decapitating a deer...fortunately they do not!) Ben also has a book of dressed up babies. He mostly wants to look at the tiger cub when we look at this book. You can imagine how thrilled he was then when he was aloud to touch a lion cub at the zoo... I have not yet in his life seen him quite so thrilled with anything!

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