Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kindness of Strangers

I bought groceries this morning which I will never do again on the Saturday before New Years. In my rush to get out I forgot to do up the zipper my walled was in. I didn't realize this until I went BACK to this store again a few hours later after rethinking a snowsuit on clearance for Ben next year. I went to the check out (after waiting in a very long line up) only to discover my wallet missing. I frantically ran around the store and cut in front of people in line at the customer service department in search of the wallet to no avail. I panicked because my whole life is in there. I had my social insurance card, birth certificate, drivers licence, my health card as well as Ben's, credit cards, bank cards, blank cheques, my address, phone numbers, pictures of our family and lots of gift cards. I was sick at losing it. After a few hours went by with no one calling about it I feared it had gotten into the wrong hands. How easy it would be for my identity to be stolen?! Even the security questions I had to answer for MasterCard to suspend my card could be found out by someone to reactivate it just by the information found in my wallet!
This evening this nice woman left 3 messages on my answering machine while we were at my parents house for dinner. She had picked it up outside the grocery store in the parking lot and took out my drivers license. She told me how she and her son walked around the very busy grocery store with my picture out trying to find me. She said after a little while though everyone started to look like me so they gave up and she took it home to find my phone number through my address. I was so grateful to her I wanted to thank her in some way for her thoughtfulness and for going out of her way so much for me. I tried to give her a Tim Horten's gift card (only in Canada is this an appropriate way of thanking someone!) but she refused it, telling me to just let her help someone with no strings attached, it made her day. We'll "Fran" we need more people like you!

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