Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Letter

I know people make fun of the annual Christmas letter that accompanies cards each year but do others like me secretly enjoy them? They are my favorite part of the Christmas card! How can you not appreciate the word art that goes into making these wonderful blurbs. Christmas letters are written in a language all there own, dripping with glowing phrases such as "Billie excelled in recess this year". In reality this means little Billie failed fifth grade. You would never taint a Christmas letter with this however. To save everyone from reading between the lines, I will give it to you straight...

Neeb Family Christmas Letter 2007

Dear family and friends,

2007 began with the exciting news of our baby bump. We were eager to share our Joy and were so pleased with all the support we received in this happy time.

(Read between the lines- Jenn was pretty convinced she was dying for the first 12 weeks and didn't care if she ever saw 2007, she also hates the term "baby bump"!)

This year also marked our first year of marriage. We are enjoying married life and the joy it brings.

(Read between the lines- The first year of marriage is when your classy fiance turns into the husband who passes gas in bed and holds your head under the blanket, leaves the toilet seat up so you can see where he's peed all over it and by "joy" I mean twin beds may be in our future if he keeps this up!)

In the spring we found out we were expecting a son, we could not have been more thrilled.

(Read between the lines- ... after spending a few hundred dollars on girls clothes for the daughter Jenn was sure she was having we were thrilled!)

In April we decided to leave behind the house we build last year in search of a bigger one for Jenn to start a home daycare in. We found our dream home and are busy working away at it. We have painted most of the home and hope to put in hardwood next year. We have a lovely lot that backs conservation and walking trails and we love listening to the bull frogs and geese in the summer evenings.

(Read between the lines- Jenn called a real estate agent and set up the viewing for this house (that no previous discussion had taken place over) before Jon knew a thing. After a pregnancy hormone induced tantrum Jon then agreed to view said house... Fortunately Jon loved the house as well. Unfortunately Jon loved it in its "as is" condition whereas Jenn loved the image of the house she had after Jon did all the upgrading she wanted on it) In addition to the bullfrogs and geese there are little mice who have decided to make the trek from the cold woods to spend the winter in our basement...)

We spent the summer enjoying our new home and waiting for our son. Finally on August 22ND Benjamin Alexander arrived with a quick delivery. He was definitely worth the wait!

(After six hours of drug free torture 2 weeks late he was definitely worth the wait!)

We were proud to show off Ben at a welcome Ben shower thrown in his honour by his loving Grandmothers. Jon and Ben dressed up for Halloween as a hot dog and ketchup, they even went trick or treating down the street. Daddy enjoyed Ben's candy this year of course! Thanksgiving was also made all the more special with a new member of the family to enjoy it with.

(Read between the lines... we imagine this to all be true but on 4-5 hours of sleep on a good night its a blur really...)

At four months Ben has proven to be a wonderfully happy baby and his smiles light up the room.

(Read between the lines- All the sleepless nights, hours of endless crying and multiple experiences with pee in the face can be undone instantly with one belly laugh from our favorite boy!)

We hope as much laughter, excitement and memories are coming our way and yours in 2008!

(Read between the lines... this is pretty accurate!)

Love and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas,

Jonathan, Jennifer, Benjamin and Bayley!

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