Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Halloween

Ben was completely unfazed by hordes of children dressed as skunks, Optimus Primes and Harry Potters. He sat in his stroller nonchalantly in his zebra outfit while we used him to get candy from our neighbours (we even taught him to growl at the people as they gave him the candy...thus doubling the candy received...worked like a charm!).

Our friends Eujean and Michael brought their teddy bear daughter Sarah to join us in using our toddlers as candy bait!

Prity Sun Ngala from our church also joined us. Her family is from Burma and this was her first Halloween experience. She had 7 years to make up for but not surprisingly she caught on pretty quick and I believe she is a fan of the Halloween as she told us between mouth fulls of candy.

Our neighbourhood is mostly 30 something couples with children and evidently lives for October 31st. Every other house was haunted and you couldn't drive for all the little people running around. We had over 200 at our house! May of the parents dressed up and I wish I had brought my camera to capture the laundry basket mother with the laundry basket stuffed with clothes around her waste and the tide on her head as well as the woman in the sumo wrestler suit...with a bikini!

Thanks Ben... We enjoyed!

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