Thursday, May 29, 2008

Living Room/Kitchen Reno

I have a master "to do" list where the house is concerned. We are getting closer and closer to finishing it and I am getting handier and handier as Jon refuses to take part of more and more projects... (apparently I am a drill Sergent- a nicer way to say "nag"). I wanted to paint the bathroom this weekend after my yard sale. It is a small powder room on the main floor and I anticipated this to take about the duration of Ben's afternoon nap. I thought at that time as well that this colour would look particularly good on the whole main floor and gave the roller a good swipe on the entry way hall to prove it...thus committing myself to a much larger and more labour intensive project... one in which Jon said he wanted absolutely no part of (he doesn't paint, that's his get out free card). my quick bathroom face lift actually took 9 hours. Straight. I painted from 12-9 with one lunch break and a few bathroom breaks. By the end my arms were shaking and I cursed my hatred of paint with every stroke. By this time Jon felt so sorry for me and was so impressed with my stickwithitness that he helped me put on a second coat. I am very pleased with the results. This is good because I am not painting anything else for a looooong time!

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