Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sad Little Cough

Ben's cough is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. It is very congested sounding and it worries his mother a great deal! I had to call Telahealth since as a new mother it is required I call over every little tiny detail of his health. I need to hear a medical professional say "there there frantic- paranoid -first- time- Mother- who- has- no -idea- what- she- is- doing, you are doing everything right." "Lisa" the Telahealth nurse did tell me just this and left me with her wise medical advise of "encourage him to cough the mucus up". Here I was thinking my baby was right on track and if anything a little advanced but so far I have yet to encourage him to do anything he responds to... How exactly am I suppose to encourage this coughing? Hang him upside down and pat his back? Clap? give him a cookie??! He's two months old for crying out loud! I am beginning to question weather or not the telehealth nurses are REAL nurses or are they just reading the computer prompts of the same sites I just Googled? But even if they are just random literate people being paid minimum wage to talk down frantic parents from taking there kids into the already over crowded emergency room over a splinter- sometimes it is just nice to hear someone say "your doing a good job."

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