Thursday, November 22, 2007


Ben is a drooly baby. He has soaked multiple bibs a day for some time now. Usually I don't mind as its an excuse to change outfits when you can ring out the one he's wearing. Two weeks ago however his drooling got ridiculas! I had to buy a plastic backed bib as I couldn't keep up with the laundry changing outfits four times a day demands! Someone suggested he is teething. Of course he is not teething- he's 2 months old! I disrigarded this comment until last week when he would not stop crying. This was a painful cry, a wail interupted with sobs and gasps complete with fat tears rolling down his bright red cheeks. This was a break your mother's heart kind of cry, and one that I had not ever heard before. I stripped off all his clothes to look at every inch of him. I could not find a thing wrong with him until he tilted his head back in order to get out the highest pitch he could. It was then I saw "chomper"! "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!! IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS?!" It was, he agreed Ben's first tooth. We have personified this premature tooth by giving it a name so we have "someone" to blame for the nightmare that has been our first teething experiance. Ben is too young to have enouph co ordination to put his fingers in his mouth, reach and mouth a teething ring or suck on a cold wash cloth. None of the tried and true remedies apply to him sadly and so he cries and cries and his dad and I curse Chomper! Secretly when the crying ends and Ben is happy again we will remain proud at his first early achievment. For now though we dread the next 17 to come.

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