Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Boys

Jacob has idolized Ben since he first laid eyes on his big brother. Ben initially reacted with curiosity, confusion and reservation. I was concerned for their relationship. I tried to encourage positive interaction but soon discovered that a hands off approach was for the best. their relationship would develop in thier time, on their terms. But it was hard to watch this transition at times, when Ben felt displaced and unsure of this stranger in our house, whose needs, sometimes, came before his.  Fortunately There were still hints of tender moments early on, especially when Ben thought I wasn't watching; a sweet smile, a shared toy.  I was hopeful those were a sign of things to come.

To my exhaled delight my two boys could be defined at this point in no other terms than best friends. They equally delight in one another's company, find the other hilarious and frequently collapse into each other in laughter. Ben is protective, loving and attentive to Jacob. He thinks of him always, keeps track of him and stands guard if someone he isn't sure of is holding him. He will tell them "That is our baby. You can't have him". Ben plays with him sweetly, and (not always) gently. He includes him by beginning most requests with "can two boys...?"

Jacob of course thinks Ben is his hero.

I stole a moment last week when there was rare quiet. Ben was quietly playing upstairs and Jacob was in his bedroom having a morning nap. I had a phone call I needed to make and thought I would try my luck. A few minutes later two wails erupted upstairs. Simultaneously I could hear both Ben and Jake crying...In Jacob's room. I was not happy with Ben, who obviously was not suppose to go in there during nap time and even less so when I found him in the crib beside his baby brother. The stool next to the crib along with the baby who never cries, crying could only mean that Ben fell on him while trying to get into the crib. I picked up Jacob while Ben still cried, "I didn't MEEEEEEEAAAAAAN to!"
"Ben! Why did you come in here while Jacob was sleeping?! You KNOW better than that!"

He stopped crying and looked at me seriously.

"But Mommy, I just missed him."

These two boys of mine. They sure make my heart happy.


Hands Full said...

That is so sweet! Isn't it fun to watch them become friends? It get's better and better, I swear!

Vee said...

aaaw!! they're just adorable :)

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